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A student portal is a commonly used phrase to describe the login page where students can provide a username and password to gain access to an education organization’s programs and other learning related materials. Sometimes a student portal also refers to the entire student-facing part of a learning management system (LMS).

A learner who has enrolled in an online certification program, for example, may use a student portal to access online course materials that are hosted on the school’s servers, such as articles, lectures and videos. Student portals may be used to provide information about the school, course details, calendars, academic resources, and contact information.

Some student portals may integrate with other systems to provide students with easy access to personal information, such as tracking financial aid disbursements and using campus medical services.


A student portal is usually part of a broader LMS that can also be used by parents and faculty members. This system is also usually built and managed in-house by the college/university, school district, or private educational institution. Students typically use their school-provided email address or student ID number to access the portal, and sometimes additional layers of authentication are required to verify the student’s identity.


A student portal is essential in a digital-first education environment. As referenced above, it centralizes all school-related announcements, information, and resources. Students can keep up with assignments, course material, grades, and announcements from the same place, so It also enables students to take care of all school-related needs from a single location, which means students have fewer accounts to manage. This ultimately benefits campus-wide cybersecurity because it minimizes the opportunities for a malicious actor to intercept a student’s login credentials.


Some student portals, like Stanford Axess, are built from the ground up using in-house developers. Other schools use web applications like BlackboardCanvas, or Google Classroom to create student portals.

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Student Portal means the consumer-facing section of the School Portal that is accessible to authenticated Students.

Student Portal an online platform for the Resident that can be used to login on their account, pay statements, log maintenance and access important information. The Student Portal can be accessed via the CampusKey website;

Student Portal. Means the portal link currently referenced under the Student Affairs part of the University Website. “Supplementary The Supplementary Regulations, Handbooks Regulations” and other information issued by the University and available online from time to time.

xamples of Student Portal in a sentence HOW TO ACCESS YOUR COURSE: Through the Amberton University Student PortalStudents enrolled in distance learning courses using the Moodle Learning Platform may access the course through the Amberton University Student Portal. For more information come along and visit the team (in Foster building near the main entrance) or access our careers and employability resources via the Student Portal. A timetable will be available once you have enrolled onto the programme, through the Student Portal. Further information is available on the Student Portal at: https://www.uclan.ac.uk/students/study/examinations_and_awards/extenuating_circumstanc es.php You can apply for extenuating circumstances online via myUCLan. Further information is available on the Student Portal at: https://www.uclan.ac.uk/students/study/examinations_and_awards/extenuating_circumstanc es.php We aim to let you know if the extension has been granted within 1 working day of the receipt of the request. Additional information can be found in the Consumer Information found on the web site (http://www.daymarcollege.edu/admissions/student- information) and Student Portal. The programme will provide students with information about the education programme in good time via the Student Portal or Blackboard. The minors and electives in which the student may enrol without requiring individual assessment by the Exam Board are stated in the list published on the Student Portal.

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